Quran Tutoring Online, an ultimate guide to E-learning Quran

Quran Tutoring Online an ultimate guide to E-Learning Quran

Quran Tutoring Online, an ultimate guide to E-learning Quran

Quran tutoring online become much popular after the pandamedic. Here is an ultimate guide to E-Learning Quran. Every Muslim believes that Quran is the most attested and divine Holy book. There, understanding and learning Quran is an act that should be performed daily. This act will not only benefit us in this world but hereafter also. It will be the proof of our sincerity to Allah on the day of judgment.

However, no obstacle should come between you and Allah. With the advancement in modern technology, Quran tutoring online is a great source to connect with your Creator. Online learning Quran is the most reliable source, for Arabic and Non-Arabic speakers.

Why Quran tutoring Online?

Quran tutoring online is a great and the best way to learn the Quran daily from the ease of your home. Moreover, modern-day technology has helped Muslims worldwide, to get themselves acquainted with the ultimate knowledge of the Quran.

Benefits of Quran tutoring online

Learning Quran Online harbors many advantages. Some of them are listed below:

  • Convenient

Online Quran study is an excellent pick for everyone. The ability to plan classes around their daily obligations and attend those classes anywhere employing any device removes the limitations of time and space.

  • Safety

Safety is another excellent aspect of online Quran study, especially for young children. Learning at home helps cut the many concerns. Additionally, it allows you to oversee your children’s development. And see them during sessions.

  •  Flexibility

Online Quran study in the form of sessions makes the course far more flexible. And it is adaptable to the needs and skills of the student. Quran tutors assess students’ skills and knowledge. And find out about their needs, and adjust the sessions as necessary. Similarly, there are many other advantages of Quran tutoring online.

Quran Tutoring online - an ultimate guide to E-Learning Quran

how to find an expert Quran teacher?

You need a qualified Quran tutor at your side to learn the Holy Quran. So, if you locate a skilled and suitable Quran tutor, learning the Holy Quran will be very simple and interesting for you. Since you will fully understand the Holy Quran’s genuine meaning without difficulty. Some tips are listed below to find an expert online Quran teacher:

1. Qualification

When looking for an expert online Quran teacher, the first question should be about his Qualification. The Qualification must be related to Islamic studies. This is to check whether the person is qualified enough to teach. Sadly, there are times when individuals fall for fraudsters. Who pretend to know the Quran but have only learned a few of its surahs and know a few Ahadith. So, Qualification is top priority.

2. Certification

Look for different certificates. The prominent certificates to look for are: 1. Tajweed Certificates 2. Memorizing Certificates 3. Islamic studies certificates. etc. These certificates will show the authenticity of the Online Quran teacher.

3. Experience

The ideal instructor of the Quran ought to be well-versed in the subject and experience. Not a superficial understanding of the Quran. But a complete knowledge of Islam’s principles. An experienced Quran tutor can provide you with a detailed understanding and concept of the Quran.

4. Reviews

Make sure the teacher holds a good reputation for teaching the Quran. he should have a fair amount of positive reviews. Reviews help to build a connection of trust. Must visit the website to see the Recommendations. It would be a plus point too. To see Hafiz Faheem reviews Please Click here

5. Recitation

When you book a trial, ask him to recite a few verses of the Holy Quran. Recitation will help you to estimate the accent and status of the online Quran teachers. There is a direct connection between the Quran with tajweed. Thus, Online Quran tutors must be acquainted with Tajweed.

5. Curriculum

The curriculum is the main thing to consider while choosing a Quran tutor online. The curriculum must include essential things. Such as Kalima Shahadah, Prayer, Janazah prayer, And Supplications. Also, Making Wuzu and taking bath according to Sunnah and Islamic Manners. Basic Qaida Learning Course with basic Tajweed rules, Quran reading, Recitation, and Memorization. And other important teachings that we need in our daily life. The most important thing in the curriculum is the Noorani Qaida. Don’t know what Noorani Qaida is? Here is the detailed guide about Noorani Qaida. 

What do you need to start quran tutoring online?

You need to book an expert Quran teacher through an online academy. Go to Google, and search for Hafiz Faheem Academy. Sign up and book your accessible trail classes. You need a computer and a strong WiFi connection. E-Learning classes are usually conducted through Zoom. Don’t about Zoom? Click here to get a complete guide about setting up Zoom classrooms.

Why Hafiz faheem academy is best?

Are you wondering why Hafiz Faheem Academy is the best? Learn Quran with Accuracy” by Hafiz Faheem is a place where the Holy book Quran is taught with complete accuracy and comprehension. Hafiz Faheem isn’t acquainted with divine knowledge of the Quran but is also qualified with a master’s degree in Islamic education. To date, he has taught more than 100 students at the international level.

Non-Arabic speakers face many difficulties memorizing and learning the Quran. They have covered you! They offer to teach methods according to the level of difficulty.

Regardless of age, they have a specific curriculum for each person according to his needs. Most people are usually concerned about Tajweed. No worries, if you find difficulty in Tajweed. They introduce you to a Beginner level Tajweed course. After knowing the basics, you can opt for the advanced level Tajweed course. As stated above, they have covered you!


For every Muslim, learning the Quran Online is a necessity. The  Quranic scholars and teachers are the best Muslims. As stated that in a well-known Hadith attributed to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). That ought to be enough motivation for us in this regard. Anyone who wants to adhere to Islamic principles needs to learn the Quran.

Quran tutoring online gives learners of all races the chance to learn something that will significantly advance their position in this world and the next. But, first, we must remember our relationship with Allah. How we obey Him, and how we pay attention to His commands; we can’t only focus on the here and now.

We hope this guide to Quran tutoring online will have affected you. No matter where you are. You can take a step towards a better hereafter by learning and comprehending Quran. We appreciate your registering and booking trials. So that you take a baby step towards better hereafter. May Allah grant the opportunity to every Muslim to learn and follow Quran. Ameen 

Hafiz Faheem

An esteemed Islamic graduate from Jamia Darul Uloom Karachi, holding a master’s degree in Arabic & Islamic Studies. Certified from Wifaqul Madaris Al-Arabia Pakistan and from The University of Karachi. With his vast experience, He is a passionate Islamic blog writer, who writes on various topics such as Quran, Hadith, Fiqh, Seerah, and contemporary issues. His articles are well-researched, authentic, and engaging, and many of them are ranked on the first page of Google. He aims to share his knowledge and wisdom with the Muslim community and inspire them to follow the right teachings of Islam. He also runs his Online Quran Academy where he and his teammates' Quran teachers are assisting hundreds of Muslims globally.

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