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Our platform is to learn Quran with tajweed, understand Quran and improve you recitation skill. We offer online Quran lessons for kids and adults. Our courses are mainly designed to learn Quran online with tajweed.

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Do You Want To Learn Quran With Professional, Experienced & Trusted Quran Tutors? Watch Our Demo Online Quran Classes. InshaAllah! You will Love Learning Quran with us!

Learn Quran Online - Basic Qaidah lessons - Online Qaida classes

This course is designed to help students learn the basics of Quranic recitation through the Noorani Qaidah method. Noorani Qaidah is a popular and widely recognized method of learning Quranic recitation for beginners. This course is intended for students who have no Read More…

If you want to connect with the book of Allah, you must learn to read Quran accurately. This course is designed to help individuals both kids and adults, learn how to read Quran online from the comfort of their own homes. Read More

The Easy Tajweed for Kids is a well-structured course. This course is designed to help children learn and apply tajweed rules to their Quran recitation.

This course covers the fundamental tajweed rules necessary for correct Quranic recitation. Let’s recite Quran with proper tajweed rules and earn immense rewards!

Online Hifz Quran Course

This course is for those people who want to save the Quran in their hearts and become one of the finest people of Allah.
At this level, students learn about:

✔Hifz/memorization of the whole Quran or some specific surah like Surah Yaseen, Mulk, Muzammil, or any other surah on students demand.
✔Memorization of essential and important dua’s/supplications from the Quran.
✔Recitation/Tilawat  of Quran with Tajweed rules and proper pronunciation.

Quranic Arabic Course - Understand the Quran

This course will help you understand and connect with Allah and perform well in life’s exam on the day of judgement.
At this level, students learn about:

✔Basic Arabic grammar.
✔A solid foundation of the most common vocabulary for Arabic.
✔Understanding the Quran and what you are reciting in prayer develops a strong relationship with Allah.

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