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All Duas about eating food - before, between and after or eating at someone's house

Dua Before Eating

Dua for eating | Dua before eating food | Dua before eating | Dua before meal | Dua before food
Dua before eating food | Dua for eating food

بِسْمِ اللّٰہِ وَعَلیٰ بَرَکَةِ اللّٰهِ

Transliteration: Bismillahi Wa’ala Barakatillah

English Translation: In the name of Allah and with blessing of Allah I begin (eating).

What are the manners and etiquette to follow Before Eating Food?

Manners and Etiquette to follow befor eating food:

  • The food must be lawful. Allah prohibited bad and unlawful food.
  • The hand shell be washed before eating.
  • Food shall be placed on the ground as it is the way of the Prophet.
  • One should take food sitting straight. The Prophet said: “I don’t leaning as I am a mere slave and I eat as a slave eats and I sit as a slave sits”. To eat leaning is bad for stomach.
  • One shall make niyyat before eating: I eat to gain strength in worship. He will take promise to eat little and not much as a full belly prevents worship.
  • Be satisfied with the food served and don’t be greedy for varieties fof curries For is honoured only when one does not wait for curry. The prophet said: When the time of night meal and the time of night prayer come together, first take meal.
  • The more are the people to partake food, the better. The prophet said: Eat all together, as there is blessings in it. The Prophet used not to eat single. He said: The food in which many hand participate is best.

dua before eating Hadith

Ibn Abbas (May Allah be pleased with him) said:

عن ابن عباس – رضي الله عنهما –  أن النبي – صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم – وأبا بكر وعمر – رضي الله عنهما – أتوا بيت أبي أيوب فلما أكلوا وشبعوا قال النبي – صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم – : ” خبز ولحم وتمر وبسر ورطب ، إذا أصبتم مثل هذا فضربتم بأيديكم فكلوا بسم الله وبركة الله

 رَوَاهُ مستدرک الحاکم :۷۱۶۶

The Messenger of Allah (صَلَّى اللَّهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّمَ), and Abu Bakr and Umar, visited the house of Abu Ayyub. And when they were satisfied with the food, the Messenger of Allah (صَلَّى اللَّهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّمَ) said: Bread, meat, dates, nuts and dates, if you find them like this and eat them with your hands, then eat in the name of Allah and with Allah’s blessing.”

Mustadrak Hakim, 7166

What are the manners and etiquette to follow At the time of Eating Food?

Manners and Etiquette to follow when you are eating food:

  • Recite Dua ‘Bismillahi wa’ala Barakatillah.
  • Eat with the right hand.
  • Begin and end it with salt.
  • Take little morsels and chew each morsel well.
  • Don’t extend your hand to morsel till you swallow the previous one.
  • Don’t speak of the defects of cooking. The Prophet never did it. When he liked a food, he ate and when he did not like it, he did not eat it.
  • Except fruits, he used to take from the nearest side of the dish. The Prophet said: Eat from the side of your front and not from every side, not from the middle.
  • Don’t cut bread or meat with knife. The Prophet said: Cut meat with your teeth.
  • Prophet said: If any morsel of food falls down, take it up and clear off the dust attached to it and don’t leave it for the devil.
  • Don’t wipe out your hands with handkerchiefs till you like lick your fingers.
  • Don’t blow breath in hot food as it is prohibited, but be patient till it becomes cold.
  • Eat odd number of dates, grapes and such other fruits which can be counted.

dua when you forget to say bismillah before eating

Sometimes you forget to read Bismillah before eating. Our Prophet SAW tell us a beautifull dua when forget to read it in the beggining.

dua when forget to say bismillah

dua if you forget to say bismillah | dua for forgetting to say bismillah | dua when you forget to say bismillah

What are the manners and etiquette to follow After Eating Food?

Manners and Etiquette to follow after eating food:

  • Lift up your hand before the stomach is filled up.
  • Lick up the fingers. Then,
  • Wipe them with a towel and then wash them.
  • Lick up the remnants of food. The Prophet said: He who eats what lies on the dinning cloth will remain safe, will pass his life in solvency and his children will remain safe.
  • Make pick of teeth and don’t swallow what comes out of teeth as a result of pick. Thereafter gurgle, lick the dish and drink its water. It has been said that he who licks his dish and drinks its water will get the reward of the manumission of a slave.
  • Express gratefulness to God sincerely for what Allah has given you to eat and take food as His gift. Allah says: Eat of the good things which I have produced for you and be grateful for the gifts of God.
  • Don’t rise up till the dining cloth is lifted up.
  • Read this dua after eating: اَلْحَمْدُ لِلّٰہِ الَّذِی اَطْعَمَنَا وَ سَقَانَا وَجَعَلَنَا مِنَ الْمُسْلِمِیْنَ۔
  • Wash your hand with soap.
  • When you eat at someone’s house, Recite this Dua: اللھم اطعم من اطعمنا واسق من سقانا۔
  • Dua when you eat at someone’s house:

Dua after eating meal

Dua after eating | Dua after eating food in English | Dua after meal | after eating dua

dua after eating at invitation

dua after eating at an invitation | dua after eating at invitation | dua when you eat at someone's house

What are the manners and etiquette to follow when Eating with others?

Manners and Etiquette to follow when eating food with others:

  • If there is any elderly or honourable man with you, don’t begin eating till he begins.
  • Don’t remain silent at the time of eating and hold talks.
  • Don’t wish to eat more than your friend.
  • Don’t eat more when food is equally disturbed unless your friends give you out of their own accords.
  • It is no fault for one to wash hand in the dish and for all in the same pot.
  • If the same pot is used by all for washing hands, the following rules shall be observed:
  • There should be no spitting in the pot.
  • The chief guest should be honoured.
  • Beginning should be made from the right hand side.
  • A servant should pour water upon the hands and throwing water from the mout should be slow.
  • One should not look at the eating of his companions.
  • Should withdraw his hand before his companions finish eating.
  • One should not do what appears bad to his companions and talk not such words as may offend them.

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