Online Quran Classes Fee

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Fast Learning Program
$56 / month
  • $80 / Per Month
  • + First Week Free
  • 4 Days a Week
  • 16 Lessons - Monthly
  • 30 mins each
  • Qaida + Quran Reading + Tajweed + Salah + Duas + Basic Islamic Studies
  • 24/7 support

We offer one week trial according to plan you choose. 

Our hourly rate are different from monthly packages. We charge $10 USD per hour.

You can make payment using a Credit card, Debit Card, Visa card, or Payoneer.

Important Features of monthly fee

  • Hafiz Faheem Academy courses are time-based, not courses-based. Depending on student how keen he is in learning. Also it’s depending on how many days students take classes.
  • We prefer you to pay after first week of you started. But we not bother you to pay instently, you can make payment in the end of the month.
  • Eid Holidays are included in the monthly fees.
  • If you missed some classes you can make-up for those classes for limited time.