The best website to learn Quran online in 2022 (Free and paid)

The best website to learn Quran Onilne (Free and paid)


  • Are you looking for the best website to learn the Quran Online?

  • Are you looking for a best Quran Teacher?

  • Are you looking to learn Basic Qaida?

  • Are you looking to learn accurate Quran Recitation with Tajweed?

  • Do you want to memorize the holy Quran completely or some specific portion/Juz?

  • Do you wish to recite the Holy Quran in an Arabic accent?

  • Do you want to memorize daily supplications | Dua?

  • Do you want to learn 40 Ahadith?

  • Do you want to learn Salah and Funeral Prayer? 

  • Do you want to learn How to make wudu and Ghusal and basic important islamic teachings?

Well, you have come to the right place. This article will help you to explore the one best website to learn the Quran online. A best website that can help you with a nice and organized curriculum.

Today we will talk about one best website that is offering free and paid Quran Classes Online. You might have heard about the numerous benefits of learning the Quran in your day to day life. It is one of the most effective ways to develop a strong relationship with Allah and improve your understanding of His message.

The Quran is the most sacred book for Muslims. These are the verses that Allah has revealed to Prophet Mohammad peace be upon him. The Quran has so many benefits to our life, as it teaches us about creator; Allah, Islam, prophethood of Prophet Mohammed and about the other Prophets peace be upon them all. It also teaches us about the last judgment day, the Hereafter, heaven and hell, and other lessons. | A best website to learn Quran Online

Quran recitation is an art in itself; it is not just reading or understanding the words on a page. It is reciting with feeling and intention of drawing closer to Allah. The practice of reading the Quran is known as ‘Tilawat’ in Arabic, which can also be referred to as recitation of the Quran.


Hafiz Faheem and his teammate best Quran Tutors and Scholars are providing Online Quran Classes with the commitment to teach Quran Online with accurate recitation. And Alhamdulillah, we are progressing day by day. A large number of Muslims from different countries are learning the Quran. We have no problem and any hesitation in saying that, by the grace of Allah almighty, our website is currently the best website to learn the Quran Online. Our Quran Tutors are busy day and night to teach people the correct recitation of the Holy Quran and basic Islamic Studies with a well-organized Islamic curriculum. InshaAllah, Hafiz Faheem will move forward with the same courage.

Curriculum | Hafiz Faheem | Best Quran Courses

  1. Noorani Qaida – Al- Qaidah Al- Nooraniyyah | Arabic Alphabetic Proper pronunciation 

  2. Noor Al-Bayan – For Basic Arabic Learner

  3. Quran Reading & Recitation with complete Tajweed Rules

  4. Quran Hifz – Memorization Complete or some specific Surah.

  5. How to perform Salah? Salah | Prayer | Namaz 

  6. How to perform Salatul Janazah?

  7. How to perform Wuzu and Ghusal?

  8. 40 Dua | Daily Routine supplications

  9. 40 Hadith | Akhlaq – Manners

  10. Ayat-ul-Kursi & Dua Qunoot

  11. Basic Islamic Education

  12. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Stories.

Best website to learn Quran Online - Free and Paid

Learn Quran Online for Free

We are offering 2 free Quran Classes every month. Each session will be 30 minutes long. Due to lack of resources we can provide only two classes in a month. But we believe you will love our Quran Classes and inshaAllah, you will learn a lot.


If you are interested in our Free online Quran Classes, Sign up here! and just type in a message: 2 days a month. We will get back to you and schedule your lesson with the Quran Teacher.


These will be live Quran sessions. There are various sessions and timings, so you can choose the time that best fits your schedule. You can join the free live Quran sessions via Zoom, Skype or Google Meet. The best part is that you don’t have to register or log in to attend these live Quran sessions. 

Currently, we have these 5 plans. You can choose any plan from the following. Also, we offer a custom schedule according to your availability. For custom Scheduled reach us here

Quran Classes Fee Schedule:

One Day a Week

04 Classes month

30 minutes Class

$25 USD month

02 Day a Week

08 Classes month

30 minutes Class

$45 USD month

03 Day a Week

12 Classes month

30 minutes Class

$65 USD month

04 Days a Week

16 Classes month

30 minutes Class

$80 USD month

05 Days a Week

20 Classes month

30 minutes Class

$110 USD month

Saturday & Sunday

08 Classes month

30 minutes Class

$50 USD month

3 Days Free Trial Quran Class

If you are interested in joining our paid Quran classes, but you are unsure at first, then we are offering 3 days free trial classes. So you can decide from then if you want to carry on your lesson with us. Just email us.

Live Quran Classes (Free & Paid)

Whether you join free Quran Classes or paid Quran Classes, these will be live Quran Classes. Live Quran Classes does not mean that you have turn on the camera. No, not at all. You can keep turning off your camera.


This will be a live Quran session on Zoom or Skype on audio call with screen sharing. This will bring us together in an online meeting. This can be a great way to start your journey toward learning to recite the Quran. Nowadays, the one to one Online Live Quran Classes become the great source to learn the Quran Online from basic to advanced level. 

We have various sessions, timings and slots available, so you can choose the time that best fits your schedule. You can join the live Quran sessions via Zoom app, Skype or Google Meet. You can set a goal of how many times you want to recite the Quran and use the app to keep track of your progress.

Watch Our Live Quran Learning Videos

By watching our live videos, you can get an idea of how you can learn the art of reciting the Quran. We uploaded a few videos related to Quran recitation. But in future inshaAllah we will upload our complete courses that will help Muslims all around the world.

Our teaching method is very easy to understand and is very useful for both the beginner and the advanced reader. We update our videos on a regular basis, so you can learn the latest topics from the Quran. You can watch our Demo Quran Classes videos on our website.

Why should you choose Hafiz Faheem?

Learning the Quran online with Hafiz Faheem is effective and helpful for all those who want to learn the Quran with accurate pronunciation. 

Students who learned here and become masters in Quran recitation are representing the trust they put in us as they refer to their friends and family. This is the main source of our advertisement. Alhamdulillah! Our Online Quran Teaching services are benefitting hundreds of Muslims around the world. Including the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, Switzerland, Dubai and many other countries since 2018.

Online Quran Learning Courses

With Hafiz Faheem,

  • you will learn the basics of how to read the basic Qaida book.

  • You will learn how to read the Quran with Tajweed.

  • You will learn how to read the Quran in Arabic accent.

  • You can learn about the different accents of recitations.

  • Tajweed rules.

  • How to perform wudu, Ghusal, Salah, Janazah

  • 40 Dua

  • 40 Ahadith, and Islamic manners

  • Ayat-ul-Kursi & Dua Qunoot

  • Basic Islamic Education

  • Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Stories.

These Online Quran Courses are designed for both the beginner and the intermediate reader. Online Quran learning courses are a step above the trial sessions. InshaAllah, these courses will help you to become a practicing Muslam and you will get the benefits in your day to day life.

Here, These courses are designed for both the beginner and the advanced reader. We will provide you with reading audio and PDF copies of the Quran so that you can read it at your own pace. You can sign up for any of these courses and find out which ones suit your needs the best.

You know that as you get older, correcting pronunciation becomes more difficult due to age factor. So if you haven’t started learning Quran yet, start today. And learn Quran in proper way, this is a great time to start. Enroll Now!

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