Online Quran Hifz course

Online Quran Hifz course

Learning the verses of the Holy Book of Allah by heart is a sacred and rewarded task that requires patience, perseverence, time, and dedication. You can not start off by memorizing a page a day and then not opening the book for the whole week.

So, to make your hifz journey right on track, and enlighten you with some easy tricks and tips to hifz Quran online, we have designed a very different hifz course that works like you want it to be.

Our qualified Quran tutor will guide and assist you at the time of your choice and bring your hifz dream come true, so learn quran online with us.

Our structured Hifz program For Kids And Adults

We have formulated this course in a very systematic way so that you can choose and finalize what and how you have to carry on with this course. The points that are kept in the notice are:

  • Duration of the hifz course overall.
  • Number of classes per week for kids and adults
  • Length of each lesson including revision
  • Division of Quranic verses throughout the days, weeks, and months
  • Predefined goals and objectives
  • Facility of whole Quran memorization or any selected portion
  • Duas from the Quran

We make sure our students are not getting confused about the course, all their questions and doubts are already worked on, and they just need to enrol to start the lessons any time. Both kids and adults will get a thoroughly scrutinized Quran portion to start off with.

Personalized Quran Memorization  Classes

If you do not want to memorize the whole Quran, you can select the surahs or juz you want to hifz. We will design a customized plan for you that will suit your time, pace, and ability. To begin the journey, you can initially start with the 30th Juz plan to bring yourself into momentum. If you think you can memorize further, get a new plan accordingly.

Personalized plans really work wonders for those who are working or are students. They suit your work routine and you are not bound to finish the portion in the given time.

Qualified Hafiz Tutors

Hafiz Faheem the best online hifiz quran tutor, He is the founder of this credible forum, Now Hafiz Faheem have hired a group of equally qualified and certified huffaz who are rendering their teaching services worldwide, especially in the West. The top qualities our group of teachers possesses are:

  • Their Quranic qualification and studies from leading universities of the world.
  • They grip over Arabic accents even being non-Arabs.
  • Their fluency in English and confidence in communication with the students in the West.
  • Their creative and unique hifz techniques help students memorize faster and retain it for longer.
  • Their experience of online Hifz teaching and 5-star ratings on freelance sites.

What Does This Hifz Course cover?

Although this course is for the whole Quran memorization, but we have decided to make it flexible for our users out there to learn even a single surah. We will teach you:

  • Hifz techniques are effective for retention.
  • Back to back hifz revisions
  • Tests and competitions among same-level students
  • Whole Quran or any selective portion hifz facility
  • Duas that are in the Quran Tajweed for correct and smooth Quran recitation.

We do not let students recite without tajweed. Tajweed is given very importance.

What Does This Hifz Course cover?

To make memorization easy and enjoyable, we have devised some easy tricks and strategies that will help you learn the verses quickly and you will have them in your memory forever.

  • Listening to your favourite qari who recites with Tajweed. We suggest listening to the lesson more than 5 times recited by a Qari. follow and copy it to get the exact same voice.
  • Reading the given verses 10 times in front of the teacher to get the tajweed correct and automatically keeping them in memory.
  • Repeating the verses back and forth to build a good memory palace and recall exactly in the same way.
  • Revising the old memorized portion daily before the new lesson to keep the whole hifz intact.
  • Reciting the verses in a rhythmic way so that whenever you are stuck, you recall the tone.
  • Understanding the meaning of the verses you are learning so that you know what are you reciting. It helps recall the ayat quickly.


We agree that hifz is a difficult task and people find it easy to just memorize some surahs that are required in Salah. But by enrolling in our hifz course, you will love to hifz the whole Quran with passion because we make it easy and super enjoyable.

The features we offer will keep you motivated throughout. Unlock the features and take a free sample class from Hafiz Faheem or his teammates to see how wonderfully they teach quran classes.

Frequently asked questions

1- Is it mandatory to hifz with Tajweed?

Yes, it is very important because without Tajweed you will tend to have mistakes, and learning Tajweed afterward will make it difficult for you to correct your hifz.

2- Can kids join this hifz course?

Yes, this course is for all, kids and adults, males and females (if sisters are comfortable taking classes from a male tutor).

3- Do you offer a certificate of hifz?

Yes, we do offer a certificate for whatever portion you memorize from our forum.

4- Can a Hifz group class for siblings be arranged?

Yes, for sure. Even you will get a discount for a group class.

5- Do you offer classes on weekends?

Yes, you can set your schedule in any days of the week and at any time. We render services 24/7.